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We have 35 years experience in the installation and repair of AT&T, Lucent, Avaya telephone systems.  Including, wiring for new and existing telephone systems and cat5 data networks.  We are certified in the installation and repair of all data wiring.

We specialize in the installation of Avaya Partner telephone systems, starting with one line and expandable up to fifteen incoming lines, and up to 41 extensions.  Installation can also include voice mail, music on hold, paging, and door phones for security, Caller ID to each extension, fax line support and installation.  Partner system utilizes flash card memory storage, for automatic backup (nightly) and restore of system programming.

The Partner system supports the Avaya and other Manufactured Wireless Telephones, providing in-building wireless communications capability.  Wireless Telephones allow for increased coverage at lower cost and improve customer service in larger areas.  The Partner system supports any single line telephone,
even your Mickey Mouse Phone.

Business Hours:  M-F 8am-5pm OR extend hours of availability if needed